3 Important questions to ask yourself every day

Want a life full of passion and purpose? These 3 simple questions will show you the path. What do you sing about? / What makes you happy? What do you cry about? / What makes you sad? What do you dream about? Regardless of where life takes you, you have ever changing dreams and goals.... Continue Reading →


Pinterest has been helping people find GYST2020 on YouTube. I actually had never been on the site until 5 minutes ago. I decided to add Pinterest as a new platform I will learn and use share…

GYST2020 had been found by many YouTube viewers through Pinterest. The interesting part is until about 5 minutes ago I had never actually seen the site. I decided to sign up and see what I can learn from Pinterest. If people are sharing my content there for me, maybe I could use it to share... Continue Reading →

Name one small step you can do right now to grow your audience? I started twitter. I was told it will help so today is the day I learn as I go

Are you on twitter? Do you like twitter? Have you ever tried twitter? Do you think it is an option to get your thoughts or brand known to more people? Do you learn about other people and business through social media? I don't want to be spammy or let social media use me so I... Continue Reading →

Dear WordPress: I am sad to see so many people are posting a screenload on blog sites, but none of it is their own work.

I don't claim to be totally original on every thought or action, but everything I write about and share on my blog here is relevant in my life currently. I share popular Marie Kondo strategies, but I share what is working or not working for me. I also share a boatload of other things that... Continue Reading →

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