Messages in my Mess, Lessons of Less

I took pictures to motivate myself to start. Pictures let me see the before and after so I continue to work on my clutter instead of giving up. I can see where I am doing well and see the changes if it takes me a while to finish.

Even though I feel so embarrassed about letting my clutter get out of control, I can share my pictures and insights to help myself and others. I am happy to say I am not perfect but I can be proud to see I have improved.

I can learn from my mess. I am not perfect and my compulsion to aquire more isn’t getting me any closer. Stuff isn’t fixing my problems.

I am learning the lesson of less. It feels good to have less. It is just as exciting to declutter and set a room straight as shopping and aquiring new stuff…almost…both require work and time. I do enjoy the exciting hunt for pretties and bargains, but I really do enjoy the calming end result of clean, neat, tidy and organized.

Before. I can’t believe I let it get this bad!!!
I want to find this book…lol
Shredded a lot of useless paper clutter
Middle. So much sorting to do!
 I actually kept a lot but will go through it again next season.
Yard Sale
Yard Sale
After. Ready to Decorate and have guests
Beanie Approved!

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