Do more of what makes you happy in 2019

The plan for 2019 is a year of getting my life figured out. The reason for all of this work is to find and enjoy a better life. I am experiencing and dealing with all of this discomfort and anxiety now so I can have a more peaceful, happy, organized, clean life that is more in tune with who I really am. Don’t lose sight of the goal. Remember to make enjoying life more of a priority.

I work hard 6 days per week usually. Some of those days my definition of working hard is just doing the mundane small tasks while I can still manage to stay upright and think straight. Sadly, many days are spent wishing I felt better and working on taking care of myself. Other days I can see that I really did accomplish something that makes me feel my time and energy was worthwhile.

The nice thing about this new career path so far is I can schedule my work around my health issues, family responsibilities, appointments, and life activities. Spoiler alert: I can do a little cheating and schedule some things to show my work at a later date so you see my work publishing at 7am but I am still sleeping!

One of the hard parts is learning all of this new (or at least new to me) technology! Yes I have been kinda hiding behind a rock – not totally under it – but certainly oblivious to all of the computer programs, internet possibilities and upgrades, social media and tv land. I mean it is exciting but it is frustrating at the same time too. The associated rules can be confusing and hard to remember. Then making the programs work again next time I try it can make me doubt my own sanity. Steep learning curve for this gal, totally new to this techie world. So glad many programs are built easy and simple for people like me. Everything takes up to 4 times longer than I originally think it should. I know I am a slow learner but when I learn it all to the point of really knowing it, life will go so much faster and easier. I am just a little impatient.

So after struggling and pushing myself all week long, I deserve a break on Sundays. Don’t you too? Take a break from all that stress and hard work that consumes so much of your time. I am a believing Christian so I follow the Biblical Sabbath. I don’t work on Sunday and do my very best to not make others work for me on Sunday also. I will do extra on Saturday to make sure this Sunday rest happens.

Many jobs are necessary to be done on Sundays so please know I have respect for all of the medical staff, army, police, farmers, and people who work and serve selflessly on Sundays. I have worked Sundays years ago when I was in dire straights financially so I am not being lofty, arrogant or judgemental. I just make the choice to arrange my life according to one day off per week.

If you are not a religious person, understand that science has proven taking a day off of work, the associated stress and the overload of our hectic lifestyles is medically beneficial to your mind, mood, and body. Taking time away from the stress can help you problem solve better when you go back to those stressful situations or work. A day off work helps you sleep better, eat healthier, communicate better, heal, avoid illness better, learn, manage weight, and so many more health benefits. You’re in a better mood and it is easier to deal with difficult situations when you take some time to recharge and prioritize your health, relationships and happiness.

Often our work takes us away from the people that matter most to us. Make sure to use this opportunity to reconnect with those important relationships with others and yourself too. If you have a partner and children, aren’t they much of the reason you work so hard? Make sure you prioritize some time with them each week when you can. They won’t know they are important to you if you don’t show them. They also won’t learn to have their priorities right if you don’t show them a healthy example and set boundaries on your precious time.

As we grow older, so do our parents. I was fortunate to grow up with a great family. We of course had and still have our issues but we are good to each other and ourselves. Please remember our parents need to spend quality time with us just as we craved and adored our parents’ positive attention when we were little.

If your parents or family were toxic, malicious, abusive or dangerous I don’t encourage you to seek them out. If your parents were good to you, at least tried the best they could with what they had then please recognize their good intentions and be good to them in return. I visit family regularly. My family means the world to me and they deserve my time, respect, love and fun times much more than any workplace or selfish behaviour I might want to exhibit on our scheduled visit Sundays.

As parents age and pass, the reality hits home of just how much time we have wasted on things that aren’t as important. Some of the extra sacrifice may be necessary and worth it at the time, but don’t sacrifice too much. Don’t set yourself up for a time when you are full of regret and sadness. One day you will finally realize and wish you had taken care of yourself and prioritized the people and relationships that really matter the most. I hope it is not too late.

Create a life in which you get to feel and really enjoy your happiness. Make time to share in the love and happiness of those around you regularly. We have this one life to live. We can choose who shares it with us. We can choose our thoughts and lifestyle. Are you ready to do more of what makes you happy?

Tracey, GYST2020


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