Mondays…should you choose to relax like we do on Sundays?

After playing rambunctiously for an hour, Beanie relaxes.
Author Josephine Beintema writes her latest novel with Beanie napping at her side.
I don’t know why this program posts 2 pics most of the time but I guess that is just another thing to add to my list to learn and figure out technology.

Some days you just need to take the time to relax and take care of yourself while the busy world rushes on.

Other days you are so busy working and lost in stress, you can easily forget to notice how much the sweet members of your family are sitting by silently supporting you.

Don’t worry. Beanie here was playing for over an hour with ‘Mummy Josey’ before she had to endure an hour of computer work. She settled in for a snuggle and nap.

Josephine Beintema’s newest novel is finished and available in ebook and paper format on Amazon! You can also find her on KU – Kindle Unlimited if you have that subscription. Check out my Amazing author page for details on her books and a free download of her short story.


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