Instagram is NOT a dating app…just sayin’

Instagram and social media are not a place to put up with toxic behaviour. Stay safe on social media.

I have had a couple of negative messages sent to me because I didn’t reply to someone’s spammy or hook-up style message or comment. So weird how people get angry… NEWSFLASH; I have NOT been waiting my whole life to sign up onto Instagram or social media to receive a CREEPY message and let a stranger be abusive to me. Guess these behaviours really do show the dangers of social media. Stay safe on social media.

I don’t understand what makes people try to send messages on social media that sound like they are trying to hook up etc. These are not dating apps. I wouldn’t date a total stranger I saw in public so why would I reply to advances from a stranger on social media? I don’t understand this mindset.

It’s social media and you are a stranger so I may or may not get around to looking at and replying to comments. I don’t live on social media all day long hoping for a comment or like from strangers. It’s nothing personal until you decide to go there…Get with reality. You sound abusive if that will make you angry. If you are going to get angry because I don’t acknowledge you immediately – buh bye! Block and delete. If you are going to comment that I am judging you based upon your looks etc and/or say that is why I am not replying – you have got to know I immediately delete and block you.

I am not going to let complete strangers try to manipulate and guilt me into anything. End of story. I don’t allow people I care about to manipulate and control me so a complete stranger obviously is dangerous if they try.

That is abusive behaviour so just stop anyone who does such things immediately. Block and delete. Maybe even report.

You don’t have to give reasons. You don’t have to explain. You don’t owe anything to anyone acting like that. No one has the right to guilt you into conversation or further engagement. Protect yourself from abusive people because that is what they are. They are trying to guilt you into feeling bad to give them control and find their way in. Protect yourself and get away fast.

My bio says I am getting rid of toxic people and relationships…therefore I know what that game is all about and I won’t play. I am not interested in that type of people. I am publicly standing up for my right to a lifestyle free of all mental and emotional garbage. I am encouraging everyone to identify and step away from toxic people, relationships, habits, behaviours and previous toxic choices. No one has the right to control and manipulate you.

Tracey, GYST2020

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