How Marie Kondo helps clean my closet. How Cassandra Aarssen of ClutterBug helps organize one of my entryways


KonMari method sort and purge: what sparks joy?
used to love them…can’t fix…thanks for being so comfortable!
totally worn out…thanks for keeping my feet warm
wished I could make them last forever…thanks for making me feel good wearing for so many years

Keep – on the left. Goodbye – on the right.
white hangers don’t work well to remove from rod so I went with more of the wooden ones.
a lot less items put back in
added hooks at different heights that can be used by different ages
for clothing, bags, hats, umbrellas and shoes
the bulk of items removed were shopping bags and worn out shoes/boots
some items belonged elsewhere
Thank-you Cas!
This book really can be life changing.
Thank-you Marie Kondo

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