Celebrating this Valentine’s Day like Thanksgiving

For me, Valentine’s day is kinda like another chance to remember and appreciate the people and blessings in my life. Not the huge celebration or gathering of thanksgiving, but the quiet thankful thoughts that help me appreciate how fortunate I am to have loved ones in my life.

Yesterday my father went through surgery. I was reminded just how precious life really is. As we metaphorically held our breath and sat together in the waiting room, we knew together we would get through whatever the next step will be. We knew so many were anxiously awaiting the good news just like us.

I was reminded of the power of prayer and support from so many beloved family and friends who sent messages and asked for updates as the day went on. It was such a great feeling to hear the surgeon say everything went well.

It was such a huge gift see my Dad wheeled out of the elevator and his eyes open to recognize and acknowledge us. It was with great elation we sent out the message to his last remaining sibling, his best friends, and extended family that he had made it through surgery and would be ok.

Sometimes the greatest gift of all is support from loved ones and still having your Daddy alive to see another day. Every day is a blessing. Today I appreciate everyone who shows love. Today I appreciate waking up to knowing I have loved ones in my life and we will see each other smile again.

Tracey, GYST2020


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