Design the display of your life like fabric, by being true to yourself

I love the colours, organization, and simplicity of this photo. I felt invited to touch and feel the fabrics. I felt compelled to see what it is stored on these shelves in such a beautiful display.

I started wondering… if we can design such a beautiful display like this, why not apply this to different life scenarios?

My mind certainly would like to be compartmentalized, neat and tidy like this. I often mix everything together into a jumbled mess of emotions and struggle to declutter the thoughts that aren’t helpful. The physical decluttering of my house is showing me just how much the chaos in my house is connected to the chaos in my mind.

My drawers and shelves are looking more and more like this picture above as I go through my home. Decluttering is showing what truly inspires me and what I actually use. I am seeing new ideas and inspiration like discovering myself and home for the first time. I get to design how things will look. I have the choice and the power.

My finances and work world could certainly use some organizing and make me feel more at peace with where I am. I have choices and hope. I have fears too, but I want to choose based on me and not those scarcity mindset thoughts and fears.

Maybe I shall do a vision board for each part of my life and fill in the boxes with beautiful items, choices, dreams, goals, and hopeful organization like I see here. Then the truth would come to light and I might find a little more motivation and direction.

Can I do the same with finances and schedules? My calendars and spreadsheets can certainly be better organized and made prettier. I would certainly look and feel better if I could get more organized.

How about my mind? My thoughts? Well…I could certainly do some decluttering, prioritizing, organizing, and highlight the more positive outlook that has been getting covered with all of the stress and worry…

And last but not least…my body could use a little extra care and attention too. I have been neglecting my health for too long and I am certainly feeling it as my body yells at me with pain and fatigue. So yes, we can certainly improve by adding exercise, healthier eating, better sleep habits, more positive relationships with myself, and self care into my schedule. Because I love me too.

Thinking about how the display of my life has a whole lot of signs of guilt, complaining, worry, stress, sadness, and shame makes me think I need to spruce up the place a little. Those things are still real and have their place, but maybe I can show off more of the stuff I love about me. Not window dressing and fake sales gimmicks. Just the real me who wants to be happy and loved by myself and others for who I truly am.

Tracey, GYST2020


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