Bubbles are so cool. I wish cleaning were more fun…

Automating my cleaning with technology helps me multitask and get more done every day. I truly appreciate having laundry machines in my home, yet my laundry isn’t always done on time or easily. When my machines broke down a few years ago I realized how much I take having this convenience for granted. Took me a few months to replace them and I am so appreciative and happy to no longer take things like this for granted.

Since then I have added a dishwasher and roomba to my repertoire of multitasking tools. As I write this I have all 4 items running. My house is getting cleaner as I express my thoughts on not loving cleaning. I love a clean and tidy organized home…just not always loving the work and emotional process to get the end result.

The great thing is that I am learning and improving a little bit more each day. I may ‘fall off the proverbial bandwagon’ regularly, but each time I need to concentrate on my progress so far more than my bruised ego. Making mistakes means I am human and still in the game of trying. Every time I succeed, I need to take the time to appreciate the beauty of change and celebrate my little successes a little more.

Tracey, GYST2020


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