Spring Cleaning…Challenge?

It’s the first day of spring! Yay!!!

How many people will be thinking spring cleaning?

I remember growing up we usually spent part of our March break doing a big purge and cleaning. With all of us kids home, my parents likely thought it was a great time to get things cleaned up and keep us busy at the same time. Also a great time to take stock of what we had and what we might need to get ready for the change of seasons ahead.

This is still a bit of a tradition in my world and likely for many others too. Spring cleaning feels like something I want to do this past week once again. Of course I want to ignore the clutter inside as the weather gets nicer outside. I would love to be doing outside yard work but the mud and windy weather has me waiting a little longer to start those projects.

This past Saturday I used a grumpy tired mood to start my spring cleaning. I have been working on paper for my KonMari declutter and I just got bogged down in it so a change of pace felt needed. I was frustrated by my bathroom closet clutter and thought I would go through it and see if there was anything I could declutter or make work better for me.

Even though I thought I had it under better control, it still feels too excessive and unorganized. It is better since I stopped adding lots of new things and have been concentrating on using up what is there first. A great way to save money and see what it is I really use. Also a great way to face those thoughts and habits that really aren’t working for me.

I did video some of my work and changes but haven’t released it yet. Maybe today I will share my embarrassing realizations and shocking discoveries….

I need to feel a little better first and edit the long-winded video first…

Are you feeling the urge to start your spring cleaning? Inside or outside? I think a fresh new start is in order for me, my home, and my life. Happy first day of Spring! 🙂

Tracey, GYST2020


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