Are you measuring wealth in dollars not sense?

as for fortune and fame…

they are illusions…

They are not the solutions they promised to be.

Do you work all week to make money to spend faster than it comes into your account? Do you urgently need to make more money because you want to buy bigger and better than the neighbours? Or are you just putting it on credit? Credit that you never really plan to pay off? Are you trying to impress someone or pretend to be better? Do they really care if you have more or is it your ego and perception that are on the line?

It is good to strive for better. It is good to work hard. It is good to set goals.

Don’t lose yourself and your loved ones in the process of trying to obtain more stuff, higher dollar value, or keeping up with the status quo by missing out on who and what really matters in life.

If you never deal with the true issues that make you feel like you are not enough, just as you are right now, all the mountains of stuff will never fix the problems. The fancy car will draw attention but is it really worth it? Are you just competing for attention? Or do you need love, fulfillment, joy, purpose and happiness?

I’d rather the love to be real and not forced.

If you are too busy making money, your children will grow up without you. Yes, Life costs money. Sometimes the struggle to pay the bills does have to come first so you can provide food, shelter and safety.

Don’t let it cost you a life worth living.

When you age and wonder why the children never visit, you will be reaping all the years you never made them a priority. Oh, you say, you have to make money to pay for all the extravagances and stuff…but all they really want and need is you. In your senior years, all you will want is to see your children and grandchildren.

If you are too busy for them now, they will be too busy for you then.

Money and fortunes can be made and lost. There is only one you. Loved ones are much more precious and and so much more important than a bigger house or a new pair of designer labels.

Reset your priorities so you can see the sparkle and sunshine in the eyes and smiles of your loved ones gleaming brighter than the fake treasures marketed in the stores and on tv.

Your relationship with yourself and loved ones is more important than your relationship with stuff and ego. Food, shelter and safety are priorities. Love, secure relationships and knowing you care is just as important. All of these in the right order and priority will mean a more fulfilling life.

Time to live the life worth living. Time to live the life you want one choice at a time.

Tracey, GYST2020


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