World Mental Health Day Thoughts

Winter can be very beautiful
There is peace and tranquility in a quiet sunrise
Having indoor plants can cheer you and make you feel a little better
Frost on the window reminds me of childhood and thinking how pretty it sparkles
Looking at all of the designs that God makes can be inspiring

I choose to see the beauty. Many are prone to see the negatives and can’t seem to get out of that mindset. I can concentrate on how much I hate the cold too often and get stuck in that rut. I let my hate of the cold isolate me and stop me from doing anything outdoors that isn’t an absolute necessity for survival. The grumblings of the cold and the discomforts and pain it causes me lead into frustration, dark thoughts, feelings of the world passing me by.

There are so many people who truly want to help and so many resources available. All we have to do is look and ask…but even that small step seems so huge some days.

If we have cried out for help in the past and felt our needs were not met or answers are not available, it can be scary to reach out and ask again. Sometimes being vulnerable and letting our vulnerability show can be a paralysing fear. We may not know why, how, or what is happening. We can feel alone and like no-one could possibly understand or care.

It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to ask for help and support. Help is available and there are so many people who would love to try and help. We have to know and believe we are worthy of love, support, help, happiness…all of the goodness we want is for us too. Our past may try to tell us different, but fear is a liar.

Tracey, GST2020


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