How Instagram is growing my audience and business really fast without spending any money on marketing! Instagram selfie worthy? My followers say yes!

I have been learning Instagram for the past 2 weeks and I have to say it is pretty cool so far. I have found a lot of people and businesses with great content and an awesome perspective! The wildest thing is that most of them have reached out to follow me first! I usually look at their content, review their pics, videos and what they type in to see if I am on board with their viewpoints and products. If I like their ethics, style, and message overall I follow them back.

My Instagram following is growing quickly and this is so cool to see. There are so many people worldwide that I now get to share positive information and support with. It is so great to know there are people in the world who feel my story and I resonate with their stories. I feel so blessed.

I am learning a lot so far in 2019. I keep my personal and business socials separate so only those interested in my content see lots of content. My personal life stays personal. As personal as a business telling my struggles of getting my shit together can be… Confidentiality and respect are of utmost importance.

I have found so many like minded people and it is thrilling when people with 16k+ followers find me and follow me first! Talk about positive feedback! It is amazing the different people and businesses that I now have seen and learnt from and about. When I see the different people from all over the world interacting with me on Instagram I am truly amazed! Often I have to touch that interpret button to see it in my own language. I enabled this feature to my website because it is so great to share my message worldwide in any language.

Just to give you an idea of how vast and far reaching the audience is: Well known TV reporters, newscasters, health and fitness gurus, stay at home moms, stay at home dads, work from home single parents, work from home couples, other GYSTers, cleaning specialists, decluttering gurus, busy entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, YouTubers, financial industry business experts, Instagram sensations, models, photographers, boutiques, beauty and fashion experts, travelling experts, sports coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches, foodies, magazine writers, product creators, jewelry makers, scholars, recovery clinicians, construction workers and firms, health and wellness experts, retirees, and the list goes on! Isn’t it amazing to know people all over the world, many age groups, many industries, many life stages, many different backgrounds, many different struggles and levels of accomplishment and success want to encourage and share?

I am enjoying the Instagram experience so far. Despite a few people who are messaging for something I’m not interested in, and hearing a few creeper stories to keep me making sure I protect myself on-line, I really have had so much good come from starting Instagram.

If you are a business, I do recommend using social media to open communication lines and find more like minded people and/or clients.

If you are feeling like you are alone in your struggles, maybe Instagram will have people who post stories similar to your current situation. Sometimes it helps to know you are not alone. It can be encouraging to see someone else survived and made it to the safer happier side of the story. As always stay safe on social media. Sometimes it helps to know you are not the only one in the world who has suffered and struggle. Seeing someone else’s story can show you there is hope and help available when you are ready.

Tracey, GYST2020

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