Early mornings, beautiful sunrises and hope

A beautiful sunrise after a dark and painful night. Hope for a new day where we can overcome our pain and struggles. A new morning filled with vibrant colours and seeing my first Robin of spring.

I refuse to let the pain steal any more of my sunshine than it already does. I don’t get a choice in my pain struggles. I do get a choice of whether I let my pain take every positive thought away.

Through squinty eyes I enjoy the pretty colours light up the contrasting dark landscape. I will likely lay back down to rest soon, but for now I get to gaze upon the serene beauty of a new day. I would have been happy to sleep through the sunrise and start my day with less pain and frustration but instead I get to see the beauty through the pain and sadness.

There is always a choice of perception no matter what is going on in our lives. A choice to see beauty and blessings despite the hardness and sorrows this life can bring.

Each morning is a new chance to start over. Each day can be the first day of something wonderful. We can leave the past and negativity behind if we choose. It is not always easy, but we do have a choice. In difficult times and situations, we can learn from our struggles to become better versions of ourselves. We can remember easier times and realize we must be thankful for the goodness we share with others. We realize we take so much for granted when we realize we could lose it all.

Without the difficult times we would not learn how to be strong and forgiving of ourselves and others.

I still don’t enjoy the struggles. I still wonder if I have the strength to survive another dark night. If I can continue to miss out on enjoying life another day as I struggle with the chronic pain.

I have survived every day so far. I have a pretty good record of making it through so far. I have loved ones to help so I don’t have to do all of it alone.

I still hope there is a cure and I will regain strength and mobility. I hope for a day where it won’t feel like life is passing me by. I have a choice though. I cannot choose to be bitter and wallow, for that will steal the good life from me. Bitterness and wallowing steal the good life from those better off than I, so I cannot allow myself to spend too much time concentrating on the negativity that is so prominent in daily struggle.

Choosing to see the beauty of the sunshine through my tears and pained foggy haze means there is still hope. Hope and help still possible. Sharing this message means others who struggle to make sense of their sorrow or pain – whether physical or emotional – can hear a message of hope and know they are not alone.

We all struggle in different and similar ways at many times in our lives. Reaching out when it gets to be too much to bear alone is a sign of strength and hope. Some days it is easier to see the bright side, the beauty and the hope. Some days we need some encouragement and support because we need comfort and a reminder to show us we don’t have to do it alone.

Take a moment and realize all of the times you had it good and didn’t even think about your past struggles.

I know this struggle is real, you are allowed and validated to feel however you feel.

But you don’t have to stay stuck in misery because this too shall pass. It may take a long time or be really hard. It may make no sense but you still are faced with it.

How can you use this moment to teach you, to change you for the better? Is this a moment that will strengthen or renew a relationship? Is this a moment to forgive and let go? Or to hold on tight and show you care? Or is this a moment where you need to have compassion for yourself and others?

I think I deserve that rest and a chance to try again when I awaken to the glorious sunshine and beautiful new day full of hope and promise. You deserve that too.

What is one choice you can make towards a better life each day? Live with hope, compassion, empathy and love. Take a deep breath and tell yourself you will be OK.

Whatever has happened or is happening may not be right – may not be fair – may never be the same – may never be ok – but it doesn’t get to win forever. You are enough just as you are…whether you need to rest today and practice self love, or you need to get up and fight for what is right so you can make peace with what is going on. Despite your struggle, today can be the first day towards a better life. One choice at a time. One day at a time. One act of kindness towards yourself and others to give hope.

The sun will shine again, and the beauty of the new day will warm your soul if you let it. We can’t change the past, but we can still have hope for the future. Not everything works out as we want, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish for life to work out better starting now.

I make the choice to rest and take care of myself, then get up and give life my best try. The pain and struggles don’t get to win. They are the groundwork and serve the purpose of teaching me what I don’t want. Life struggles are making me stronger in ways I never knew before. Having the lows and struggles help me appreciate the goodness of people and the hope in love and life a little more each day.

Tracey, GYST202


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  1. Splendid it is.
    Pain is a sign of life. How could we understand the beauty of nature God blessed us with if missed the pain. It shows us the mirror in which we can view our strength, our courage. Without this we are ordinary human, but embraced with it we become exceptional, incarceration indeed.
    God bless you.

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