If it isn’t happily ever after, then it isn’t the end yet my friend.

Sometimes it is necessary to think things through in order to solve the problems. Running away from issues won’t solve them. Ignoring issues doesn’t make them go away.

Excessive worrying is unhealthy and sometimes could bring me to anxiety issues if I am not careful.

There are just some things I have to let go and it is difficult. I do what I can, say my prayers, and the rest I just have to trust will work out in the end. We don’t always understand. We don’t have to like the situation or process we are going through. Make the choices and changes that make sense and pray for the rest. Trying to control what others do or what is happening in the world only leads to more stress and health issues.

I am learning to have faith more now than ever before. The more I know and learn, the more I realize I know so little.

As I see wonderful things work out for loved ones after seeing them struggle and suffer, I see so much clearer. I see their suffering of the past lets them truly appreciate and enjoy the love and joyous blessings they now have. I see why it didn’t work out for them before. God had a better plan for them. We just need to learn patience. We need to see our struggles are meant to teach us and others too.

Praying many more loved ones and I will be on the other side of our struggles soon so we can understand why it never worked out before. Miracles and happily ever after really does happen. I have seen sorrow and struggle, but I have seen the brighter wonders and smiles of better futures and fulfillment of the good life’s dreams.

If it isn’t happily ever after, then it isn’t the end yet my friend….

Tracey, GYST2020


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  1. God loves us more then seventy mothers. He incessantly creating new dimensions for our comfort. And for that He doesn’t demand anything. What we need to do is just be contented with His expedience. Because what he knows we can’t even think about it.

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