Dear WordPress: I am sad to see so many people are posting a screenload on blog sites, but none of it is their own work.

I don’t claim to be totally original on every thought or action, but everything I write about and share on my blog here is relevant in my life currently.

I share popular Marie Kondo strategies, but I share what is working or not working for me. I also share a boatload of other things that I am actually doing, thinking, feeling and saying. I share what I read, learn, hope for, aspire to, imagine, experience, and what I am working on in my own life.

My inbox got flooded with the same repeat messages from a few ‘bloggers’ this past week. I am seeing so many posts recycled over and over or ‘shared’ as if blog sites are just another place to be spammy. I find it hard to respect someone who hits share on everything they see just to try get attention or ads income. They may give it a new title to try to lure people in, but some 100x per day posters rarely have the time or interest to spell it correct or share nicely. I really wish they would do something helpful instead.

In this case, I would ask WordPress to shut these spammy people down or limit their ability to fill up the space. These spammy people will stop many from wanting to use the WordPress site and will hurt the integrity of the rest of us who truly are trying to give it a real go.

I would be ok if they were sharing a lesser known source to help that person or subject get positive attention or awareness. I would respect that. I would still want to see more original content than the ‘sharing’ of other people’s stuff though. There needs to be a balance and realness for me to give respect.

I have also seen some who post the same 1 – 3 posts every month which aren’t well thought out or helpful. I seriously don’t understand it except to say gimmicks, spam, and why bother? Ugh.

I hope more people stop following these spammy types so they finally see there are better ways to spend time and energy. My work is not for everyone but I do try to live and work with integrity and honesty.

I hope the good bloggers will outpost these spammy types so we can use blogs and WordPress for making the world a better place of sharing the better side of life to encourage real bloggers and authors. If you use WordPress and social media to sell your products and services, I get it. Please don’t be spammy.

I respect hard working sales people and businesses. I guess I am kinda selling my ideas as product too. Be respectful, make your work authentic and relevant. It will sell itself to the right people and you will be able to have pride in your work. You will also enjoy life and your work more. We’re all sharing in this journey of life, let’s help uplift one another and make each day a little better together.

Tracey, GYST2020


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