Pinterest has been helping people find GYST2020 on YouTube. I actually had never been on the site until 5 minutes ago. I decided to add Pinterest as a new platform I will learn and use share…

GYST2020 had been found by many YouTube viewers through Pinterest. The interesting part is until about 5 minutes ago I had never actually seen the site.

I decided to sign up and see what I can learn from Pinterest. If people are sharing my content there for me, maybe I could use it to share and help others too!

Since Pinterest is a free site, I signed up to see if I like it. I already see how I could spend countless hours on there. It has so much inspirational content in so many different categories.

Pinterest is already a success for me as advertising since I have seen my YouTube channel videos be discovered through other people sharing it on Pinterest. Who knows how much fun I could have with all that inspiration available!

Tracey, GYST2020

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